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Every Lolita, Do It Your Way! (Lolita ≠Cosplay )

Do It Your Way!

For Every Lolitas (Lolita ≠Cosplay )
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Hi, I, mariana_momo, am the moderator of 'FOR EVERY LOLITAS' Community.

This is a community that EVERY LOLITAS can join in! Especially who believe that Lolita is NOT cosplay [(Lolita ≠Cosplay ) means Lolita UNequal to cosplay.]

Main goals of this community
1)to identify your own 'lolita'. It can be believes, life-style, clothes, poem and anything.
2)to find out how to be lolita without feeling unconfutable in public with everyone's help.

There are minimum rules which MUST be followed
(1)DO NOT criticise others. I want this community to be positive and creative place. People often have different idea of one thing. You can agree or disagree to an opinion and that is fine! But people should not offence others because of individual differences. Please respect each other.

(2) (This might sound strange for some people but) Please, Don't categorise each other styles. Maximum that you could use is gothic or sweet lolita. That all. Reason been there are so many categories that are created in internet that do not exist in origin (Japan). Also, it will be less confusion. The fashion style that is defined as Lolita in this community will be :

Clothes which have wide floppy skirt.
It could be short or long skirt.
Panie is not essential but please be careful what to coordinate with.
DON'T use tied skirt that can see the line of the leg.
Please see drawing below for better idea.

What more examples?
Visit famous lolita brand website!
Basically, all genres that are listed in "Interest" section are acceptable!

Don't know any lolita link?
Visit this website!
This website is all in English and contains amazing resources.
http://www.avantgauche.co.uk/ (Special thanks for avantgauche, for providing us very valuable information)
Go to link page and find links that contain "Lolita" or "Gothic Lolita"
Or, go to Gallery page and look around.

If you are not sure about your style, ask in the forum or email me (letter2iana@yahoo.com.au).
We understand that everyone is beginner at least once

(3)If you have anything that you want to sell, you can promote here. However, the product have to be (1) Lolita related, (2)you have to be resisted in this community, and (3) all information (including any comments regarding to)your promotion have to be done under cut. (Just put < lj-cut > < / lj-cut > between you text and pic of your product.)If your promotion is not following these procedures it will be warned. If the post is not improved within 2days it will be deleted without notify.

(4)Person who broke rules mentioned above will be warned, and if there is no improvement, I may ask to stay away from the community for certain amount of period, or in a worst case, I will reject any contact to the community.

For now, that’s all. If you agree with all rules above please join us! If you don't understand something, ask me. I'll help as much as possible.